An introvert is someone who prefers calm minimally stimulating environments. However, there are a different group of people (asides from the extroverts), who actually enjoy socialising, but on a different level. To find out if you are outgoing, but still enjoy and value some alone time, keep reading.

  1. You feel older than your actual age. If you ever felt like your level of thinking and reasoning were like that of a thirty-year-old when you were only seventeen, then you might be what a famous blogger would call ‘an old soul’. Personally, I always find myself relating with people that are ten to fifteen years older than I am. Some of us still have a few friends within our age grade, but we just connect more with the older ones.
  2. You like to party, but on your own terms. There’s a popular mis-conception about introverts, some say they do not like people, or they do not like to go out, but in reality, we like people, and outings but on our own terms. A lot of introverts I know deal with anxiety, therefore some situations may seem overwhelming which could cause different reactions for similar situations. This week they are the life of the party, next week they are hermits and go MIA on everyone
  3. A Game-plan before confronting most situations. Introverts do enjoy parties and social gatherings, but most times they have to warm up, or come prepared. It is safe to say that they do not fancy surprises. Adjusting and adapting to an environment takes us a little bit longer than usual. So next you want to invite your introverted friend for a gathering, give her five-day notice, remind them, and most importantly hype them up prior to the event, they may turn into your favourite person once they’re comfortable enough.
  4. You Enjoy Deep Conversations. Small talks are not your thing, you’d rather sit and talk about what your zodiac sign means and how there might be life on mars, instead of hanging out with strangers at an event.
  5. You have a maximum of three friends. Although not literally, but introverts do prefer a small circle of persons to being part of a large social circle. Adilla, Chioma and Bodisere replace an extrovert entire Facebook, and Instagram group conversations.

BY: Ifeanyichukwu Okpala

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