Every beginning has an end and so does relationships. Relationships end badly due to a number of reasons, and the effects of a bad-break up most times lead people to fall into various kinds of disorders such as depression and obsession.  Asides from the cliché remedies such as wolfing down an entire box of chocolates or opting for a rebound, below are helpful options to consider.

Unfollow them on social media

This may come off as childish but you do not want to have an ex’s picture all over your time line, especially after a recent break-up. You could either choose to go off the radar for a while or simply unfollow and delete all their pictures on your page.

Empower yourself                        

Empowerment is important in getting through this efficiently. Read empowering books, go for empowering gatherings and seminars, and surround yourself with empowering people. All these empowerments can only bring more good than harm, there really is little or none to lose and more to gain, so why not?

You are not to blame

Do not blame yourself, (except you were the bad guy in the relationship). Always remember, you were enough, you are beautiful, you are smart, you are handsome, you are hardworking, you don’t deserve what you got, do not settle for less!

Go on a holiday

A vacation is the go-to option in dealing with bad break-ups. Go to another country, visit the beach, and go hiking, camping, a car-ride and so much more. What other way to get rid of a bad-break up other than building new wonderful memories to take over the old ones.

Reward yourself

Get yourself a gift, or a treat. Presents are given as a form of appreciation or expression of gratitude or emotions. As a person going through a bad-break up, you deserve a new dress, some new shoes, or a general trip to the mall. All of these also serve as distractions to keep you feeling good and positive during this period.

Image source: Psychology today

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