A gift is a present, donation, offering, or an award given willingly to someone without payment. Gifts are usually given out, in relation to a motive, thought, feeling or to mark an event. Depending on the situation, choosing a gift may require meaning (or thought), creativity, and sophistication to adequately represent your feelings.

Thinking of what gift to get? First, consider the personality of the person and what they like in general. No one wants to hand out gifts that don’t get appreciated. For instance, you could get the latest model of a coffee maker for a caffeine lover, or a designer sportswear for a fitness addict..

Get creative… without putting much thought to the word, creativity most times involves a DIY routine. Handmade gifts are known to require more thought and are most times cost effective. It could be a handmade gift card, a box filled with pictures, decorative sign, fancy cup-cakes, personalised note book, or a customised pillow. Other creative items may include, customised jewellery or a photo frame.

Luxury and class… Receiving a sophisticated gift sparks a priceless reaction, especially from loved ones.  Keeping it classy, is also one of my favourite options when choosing gift items. However, class does not necessarily mean expensive, it means unique, different or stylish. Some examples of classy gift items may include, a relaxation gift box, a luxurious five star polished robe, a bath set, a wine set…and so many more.

Presents can also be given through other means, for instance planning a surprise party, dinner at a fancy restaurant, an adventure, or tickets to a music concert.

There are various means of representing personal feelings, with careful thought and adequate effort, the right message would be carried on.









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BY: Ifeanyichukwu Okpala


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