This article is a continuation of the first part of 6 tips to say Bye-Bye to work anxiety. If you have not read the first part, go check it out.

  1. This should be self-explanatory. There are various forms of relaxing, it could be taking a long walk on the beach, sitting and watching the sun-set or taking up a yoga class. There are different forms of mind and body relaxing routines, yoga (for example) has proven through survey and research to enhance peace of mind and body, relax your muscles and makes your body more flexible. If you are still sceptical about yoga, there are other relaxing mind games you could try out. Do some research and find out which best suits your person.
  2. Set boundaries. Try not to bring work home. As difficult as it sounds, you should be able to make out time for yourself. It could be taking yourself out for a treat (in celebration of your monthly, weekly or short-term goals, or an achievement in general), or planning out a vacation. Vacations and holidays are very important to your mental well-being, it also gives you a fresh mind and start when you come back to work. Last but not the least, maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Eating right combined with an effective workout routine gives you a positive edge while you chase your hustle.

6 tips to say Bye-Bye to work Anxiety (PT2) 1



  1. Maintain a positive social circle. As social beings, most times find ourselves having to interact and relate with other occupants of our environment. According to Dr Deibler “Social support is vital to managing stress”. In regard to this, it is quite important to avoid toxic relationships, be it at work (toxic co-workers) or outside the office. An individual with anxiety should cut down on daily gossips and work more on positive and self-improving energy around them. Healthy relationships with family and friends helps maintain connections which is vital for stress management.
  2. Be Organised as often as possible! I cannot preach enough on the benefits of being organised. At your work place, proper filling and cleaning your work space can help save time and prevent crisis later. An organised environment has proven to be more efficient to work in as the mind can think freely on what to do next. With these six (plus one) tips to be considered (in anxiety management), there should be better results after a few weeks of practice.

 BY: Ifeanyichukwu Okpala

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