Summer is here again and a lot of us are already planning to go on vacations. Without a doubt, it is important to always take time out to rest. However, if you are like most people, then you probably save up before going on holidays and then get broke right after. This habit can be really hazardous to your financial health and can leave you in debt. Here are some simple ways to control your spending when you go on vacations.

  • Make a Budget and stick to it

This is the first and most important thing to do when you want to travel. Make a comprehensive budget that covers every little detail and remember to set funds asides for contingencies. Think of the possible extra expenses like tips, extra baggage fees, transport expenses and so much more. Just ensure you don’t get caught off guard. Also remember to plan for fun. Set money asides for some of the things you want to spoil yourself with. Most importantly, stick to it. Your budget needs to be as realistic as possible.

5 Simple Ways to Control Vacation Spending 1

  • Book in advance and get deals

It is very important to book for stuff in advance. If you can travel at a period that isn’t so busy, do so because things would be relatively cheaper. Take time out to review travel websites in advance and ensure that when selecting deals, your read the fine print – you don’t want money surprises. Also plan ahead for tourist guides so you enjoy the trip.


  • Cut cost on feeding and accommodation

Wherever you travel to, you cannot avoid eating or sleeping. However, you can avoid paying a fortune for it. On feeding, dine in as much as you can. If you do need to eat out, ask the locals for their everyday restaurants and skip the super exotic ones. Also, you need to seek out ways to reduce cost of accommodation. Think about sharing rooms if you can and be careful with value added services.


  • Go Local

There’s no such thing as travelling without shopping, and unfortunately, that is one of the ways people go overboard. In order to stick to your shopping budget and get as many cool stuffs as possible, ask the locals for where they shop. Remember to factor in your safety, however. When shopping for food as well, buy your items from local stores and markets.


  • Do spend on impulse

Last but not the least, run away from impulsive spending. Think carefully about exactly what you want to buy before you buy it. It also helps to move around with cash as oppose using a debit or credit card. Stick to your budget or at least do not shoot far from it and you would be fine.


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