Hi guys!!!….. so today on wear or trash we’ll  be focusing on nails (you’ll agree with me that fixing of nails is now a huge part of fashion). Sometimes last week, I went for an event……Unlike other people or should I say ladies who look out for latest styles and trends (as in outfit), I was looking out for nails….yes nails!!.

Im a lover of fixing nails, so I always like to stay updated (you know….latest shape, colour, length, design etc). Recently, I’ve been seeing some fixed nails and I can’t help but wonder if it is real, like if someone would actually wear/rock that…

Anyways, below are our top four (4) hit or miss nails. Comment below if you’ll be rocking it or nah (and maybe tell us how you like yours).

1. Whoever made this must surely love chicken….what do you say guys, yaay or nah??

2. I’m sure this is from a fan of “Black Panther” (a movie I never got to watch….sad) as the nail says a lot about it. Blank panther fans…..would you say this is a hit or a miss?

3. Lool…..this is just hilarious!!! Like who can explain what this is?? I think I’m lost. How was this “thing” (cause it doesn’t look like nails to me) made??. I mean it’s okay to be creative but isn’t this a little too much though??

Hit or miss guys?

4. I literally just fell on the floor laughing…. Ladies! Ladies!!…..can we just chill please?? We’re beginning to go waaaaaay overboard in the name of fashion!! But then again, who knows?! Some people might find it comfy rocking this….what do you think??


By: Karah Adu

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