While it is true that fashion is anything you make it, there are certain unsaid rules and regulations that come with it. One of them is the significance of gender. Without a personal stylist clearly saying it, we can always tell when a fashion piece is meant for a lady or a man. Even though there are certain people that break a few of the gender rules, it is generally safer to stick to the status quo. There are a few unisex pieces, however, that we can all rock every now and then. They include:

  • Overalls/Dungarees

Top Unisex fashion pieces that everybody can own 1

Overalls or Dungarees are loose-fitting garments that are worn over ordinary clothes and they are used as protective clothing against dirt. They are heavy wear type of garments and thanks to the evolution of fashion, they have now become stylish pieces by themselves. What’s cool about the Dungaree is that both guys and girls can rock it without any hassle or fear. You can style them as you wish and make the most out of them anytime.


  • Bracelets

Top Unisex fashion pieces that everybody can own 2

There is so much accessorizing can do for your outfit. It can make a very bland outfit become bolder and edgier. While most accessories are gender-classified, you can always get away with bracelets. If they look good on a guy, they can also look good on a girl without fashion red lights going off.


  • Aviator glasses

Top Unisex fashion pieces that everybody can own 3

Aviator glasses are also unisex in nature and can look good on almost anybody. Initially used by pilots to prevent sun rays, they have also become unique protective fashion pieces. The best part is that both sexes can conveniently rock the same aviator glasses and still look awesome and stylish.


  • Sweatshirt/Turtleneck

Top Unisex fashion pieces that everybody can own 4

Sweatshirts and turtlenecks can be styled in a myriad of ways by both guys and girls. They are not restricting in any way to either genders and can be very fashionable if styled right. A fitted turtleneck blouse worn with a jacket should look good on anybody.


  • Quilted Vest

Top Unisex fashion pieces that everybody can own 5

Quilted Vests are also stylish for street fashion and corporate casual looks especially for the cold weather. While there are wide range of designs and styles to choose from, most quilted vests are unisex.


  • Blazers

Top Unisex fashion pieces that everybody can own 6

Without a doubt, the Blazer is now an indispensable garment for both sexes. Whether they are corporate, classy, or vintage, they look awesome on most people. You can literally go twinning with your better half and still look dope with a blazer.


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