Face masks have become more than just protective gear, they can add the needed spice to our outfits, making them stylish face masks that can be worn confidently to work or for outings, or anywhere at all.

We need to make the most of everything life gives to us, even if they are face masks. Since, they are now enormous parts of our daily wear, the least we can do is style them up!

One of the most impactful effects of the COVID-19 outbreak is the constant use of face masks while outside or in public.

We must wear face masks before going into stores, hopping on a ride, walking down the streets and carrying out activities which we thought of as basic. This means, we must make face mask choices before leaving home. The question now is ‘have you been making the right ones’?

A lot of Nigerians have even complained about the discomfort the constant wearing of a face mask causes to them and how unflattering it is to their outfits.

Not to worry, we know just how to make your  face mask choices fashionable.

Tips for having fun with your stylish face masks:

Get A Nude Face Mask

Stylish Face masks choices

There are colours that never go out of style and nude is almost always in the lead. Having a nude face mask that matches your skin tone is a bold stylish look that would be worn for all of your outfits.

Check The Size And Fit Of The Mask

Stylish face masks choices

When buying a face mask, always go for your exact face size or maybe a size smaller…but never something big. Aside from the obvious fact of protecting yourself from germs, why really would you want to wear a big face mask? It isn’t even flattering. The size of your face masks probably matters more because it puts your health first before appearance. Go for face masks with triple folds or a moulded front construction, which are a standard requirement because it allows for easy breathing underneath.

Buy Stylish Face masks In A Variety Of Fabrics

Stylish Face mask choices

Buy a variety of breathable fabrics. Thank goodness for designers like Chanel, Gucci, Fendi taking the lead on being innovative with the production of face masks. They have paved ways for smaller brands and even the local tailors on our streets to put out face masks in a variety of
fabrics. Ankara, Cotton, Silk materials are now being sewed and styled differently to match our outfits. If you are buying any of the locally made face masks, please buy a mask liner and/or an inner filter to use with your fabric mask for increased comfort and improved functionality.

Balance It Out

Stylish face masks choices

How to make a fashion statement 101- Balance Your Outfits Out.

Let your face mask choices complement your outfit to make it look more flattering.

Are you wearing a patterned dress, shirt or a top? Balance it out with a plain face mask.
Is your outfit rather plain or needs some pop of colour? How about we mix it up with a dramatic looking face mask. Always balance your outfit out.

Our face mask choices could be a lot more than just preventing germs and protecting ourselves but also stylish. Join the face mask trend by making it even more fun with the few tips above.

Also, remember to carry a sanitizer at all times.

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