Orange is definitely the new black, and this has nothing to do with the movie directed by jodie foster, orange is actually the new black. It stormed the runway during the spring/summer 2014 and now? Let’s just put it this way… ALL ORANGE EVERYTHING.

  You see, the fashion trends are evolving and this has affected on what we see as ‘normal’. Now what’s normal is that this summer enthusiastic color of fun has hoped on the train of becoming one of ‘those’ universal colors and it’s definitely here to stay. 



  1. $243
  2. $27
  3. $21
  4. $395
  5. $98
  6. $7.1














  1. $2,462
  2. $300
  3. $76
  4. $698
  5. $49
  6. $22
  7. $24
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