There are a blessed few who can wear what looks outrageous on others yet pull it off with such ease. These special gems of the world usually have an equally vibrant personality to match their trademark appearance. If you are one of those unforgettable people (or if you highly suspect it), stay tuned: we’re about to take it up a notch!

  1. Blackout- The rare woman who looks right at home in the most vibrant, eye-popping hues will turn heads no matter what she wears-if she knows her best colors. As I shared in “The Winning Wardrobe”, there are ideal and not-so-great colors for everyone; half the fun is in discovering which are the best! To fully showcase her beauty, this striking beauty needs elevated levels of contrast in her outfits and dazzling conversation starters, such as shockingly bright accessories or footwear. Every day is a formal outing for this one-of-a-kind lady, but rest assured you can dress up your Mondays, too!

Oh, the DRAMA! 1

2. The Sweet Life- For the quirky trendsetter who adds sunshine to daily life, a sugary-sweet ensemble makes sense! She has no qualms about standing out and surprise: some people look better in light, radiant colors no matter their age! Feel free to wear springtime colors all year if they look best on you. So many people miss out on enjoying their personal style because of fear of what naysayers will think. For those who respectfully laugh and move on, the chance to inspire others to dress up and enjoy each day is well-worth ignoring negativity. The key is maintaining dignity while expressing yourself.

Oh, the DRAMA! 2

3. Oh So Subtle- Sometimes, drama is understated. For stylistas with a lighter or cooler skin tone, resisting bright colours in favor of muted shades is your best bet. Many believe wearing super-bright colors will enhance their looks when it usually does the opposite. In these instances, we see the lipstick before the woman, if we ever notice her at all. This is partially why so many women feel unheard or overlooked, despite putting extended time into their looks. Knowing what works best for you is always a winning advantage.

Oh, the DRAMA! 3

BY: StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

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