The Luxivity Collection


Michael-Shumaker-Luxivity-Debut-Collection III















Ask yourself if the clothes you wear as a lady reflect all your emotional moments such as happiness, sadness and femininity? You don’t think that is possible? Well…that is because you haven’t seen Michael Shumaker’s new “Luxivity” collection. Risqué yet elegant and sultry, the finesse with which the garments have been manipulated makes it so hard to believe that he is a newbie in the fashion industry. Lean on accenting the female body, he does this by creating a collection in which most clothes hug HER curves perfectly. He also employs the use of colour to highlight HER body. The texture in the fabrics are an added bonus in that they give a flowy and smooth feel to the eye enhancing the sex-appeal this collection dares to depict. Amidst all this, he still maintains style and fashion which is also a win win.Michael-Shumaker-Luxivity Michael-Shumaker-Luxivity-Debut-Collection II Michael-Shumaker-Luxivity-Debut-Collection IV Michael-Shumaker-Luxivity-Debut-Collection V

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