Yellow shoes are truly fascinating footwear to pull off, and these can either glam up your style or create a flop to your whole setup. Thus, choosing the right attire should be considered at all times. The yellow colour creates a striking balance when paired  with its complementary shade or anything that is also associated with its own color. Make your future as bright as your footwear.

One of the biggest trends for this summer is yellow, so spice up your outfit with this bright, and happy color. The question is what to wear with your yellow shoe
1. Yellow shoes are a perfect match for all black outfits, and they also go perfectly with other blending colors . That’s not the end. Pair them with a white shirt and purple shorts, for example…..Why not? Yellow and purple are complementary colors. This casual combination is comfortable and trendy.

2. With this one you can’t go wrong. Dark jeans and white, grey or khaki shirt, is always a safe choice when you want to highlight the beauty of your yellow heels.

If the shoes are solid, with no print, you can match them with a printed top, with prints in a complementing shade.


Adding texture to your outfit, when wearing yellow shoes, can give your outfit a very trendy look. For example, try wearing solid yellow shoes with a snakeskin belt, and a plain shirt.

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3. For more formal occasions choose a classic black dress, or black pants. Accessorize your look with a black clutch, and a piece of jewelry. You don’t have to match jewelry with the color of your shoes. Be creative, and follow your own feeling.

image3.jpegThere are, of course, even more combinations for this shinning, colored footwear. You can even go all in by combining your yellow shoe with a yellow dress

What’s your idea??
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