Our vision was to bring Eki Orleans to the streets of London in style. We were very particular in choosing the Eki Orleans personalities for this shoot. We wanted to create visual art with strong female personas in their natural ambience. We handpicked a TV presenter and a feminist writer to work with us on this project.




Adora Oleh is an entertainment presenter whose career is focused on capturing the world of fame and bringing it to life on our screens. We worked with her to bring all her unique diva persona onto the set of Eki Orleans. She graced the streets of London in the Identity collection, which is inspired by a fingerprint. Strong and bold and like a fingerprint, it is never identical. Adora showcased her unique identity in Eki Orleans. She brought passion, glam and endless bundles of personality to the Eki Orleans shoot.


Minna Salami is a writer, blogger and commentator on African feminism, society and culture. She has been listed by ELLE Magazine as one of the 12 women changing the world. With Minna, we wanted to portray her as a more urban and earthy Eki girl, yet still very powerful. We worked with nature and music to bring out her essence and capture Minna in her natural ambience.

The images portray a mood and tell a visual story of an Eki girl. Being an Eki girl is about being strong within yourself no matter what life throws at you. An Eki girl commands the centre of attention. Some may choose to do this quietly, whilst others are bolder but always with grace.

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