The wait is over!!! #Russia2018 is here……the buzz is everywhere, what made it even more interesting is the collaboration between Nike and the Nigeria football association for this year’s official look. Whilst the World Cup kicks off in Russia, fashion has never seemed as interested in football as it does today. Aside from the buzz surrounding the most popular sporting event in the world and the business aspect, there’s this desire on the part of footballers to show that they know how to be stylish.

Football appears to be becoming cool in the eyes of fashion brands and big luxury houses….brands now play the game more or less with originality.

The World Cup is one of those rare world events which brings together all social classes, its international so in the end it’s universal. There’s really this desire to get involved in the World Cup, in whatever way possible….You might as well look stylish while doing that.


By: Karah Adu

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