The key to becoming fearless in fashion is knowing that style is a blessing! You don’t have to worry about being compared to anyone else. The thing people will love about you is that you are willing to style yourself differently and in a positive way. That is what people love and admirers desire when they see you. You become fearless in Fashion!

Luxury brand Kaela Kay (IG: @kaelakayonline) directed by Catherine Addai (IG: @thecatherineaddai) is all about “finding your inner print diva”! With so many hot patterns to choose from, it is easy to level up your style. This brand is also about sisterhood and unity-we all can look good! Check out this globally-operating company at

fearless in fashion


When you dress up and smile, you embrace the day and many quietly wish they had the looks to be so bold…not realizing they already have their own beauty to rock. As I share in “Everyday Influencer” (, you inspire and influence people everywhere you go, so try to maximize it for the best. What you wear can invigorate someone else’s day (and life) alongside your own.

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(Credit to the photographers and Kaela Kay brand | Solo model: Sherry Nicolle IG: @sherry_nicolle)


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