It is important that at all times you look the part of the role you’re to play, but adding a dash of spice to that is dressing up. Dressing up involves wearing smart and vibrant clothes, while dressing down involves putting on attires that are more laid back, casual and informal.

Depending on where you’re going, we usually know when to dress up or dress down. For example, you wouldn’t dress up to go to the gym. Asides the apparent times when you have to dress down to specific places like the beach, gym, or spa, dressing up is almost always a better option.

In essence, when unsure, dress up. Here are some reasons why dressing up is a better option than dressing down:

  • Confidence

Being dressed up is the ultimate mood changer. When you dress well, you feel good. When it comes to your self-esteem and confidence, there’s no bargaining. Dressing well would always give you that mental edge over others and it is always worth it.

  • Respect

Dressing well earns you more respect without a doubt. You get to meet the relevant people at your event or even just be seen as an important person altogether. Put simply, a big difference between being bounced at the club gate and being allowed to get in is your dressing.

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  • Surprises

This is very important. If you have run into an old friend when you looked scrappy, then you would value the significance of this. Asides running into people you already know, you could also have the opportunity to meet relevant people in your industry or make other essential connections.

If you dress down, you might not nearly have the courage to converse with these people. If you do, they might not just take you seriously.

  • Compliments

Compliments make us feel good and it further increases our sense of self-worth, so every opportunity to become a recipient of compliments should be taken. Dressing down might give you the opposite as people might just want to know if everything is alright with you.

  • The Pros Outweigh The Cons

There is always a trade-off, when you dress up for an event where most people are dressed down, you are seen by most as important.

More so, you can easily act like you’re coming from another event or heading out to one. Nobody gets hurt.

However, when you dress down for an event in which people are dressing up, you would be sure to have the most uncomfortable set of hours. Dressing up wins always.

BY: Lawretta Egba

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