Ruffles and frills are styles that have been around for quite a while. From reaching heights of 60’s fashion, they have made a comeback just like most old school fashion. Don’t get it wrong, even though ruffles are back, they’re in no way like what they used to be. Thanks to the evolution of fashion, ruffles and frills now come in fresh, modern looks. It also can be used in much more diverse ways.

  • The power frill top

Fashion trends: ruffles and frills 1

Ruffle or frill tops can go from casual to corporate, but one thing’s for sure – they’re always stylish. The business-casual frill top gives you a very effortless sophisticated look.


  • Accessorize with Frills and Ruffles

Fashion trends: ruffles and frills 2

The truth is that frills and ruffles are bold styles and can take away the need for accessories altogether. In essence, ruffle can serve as its own statement jewellery. However, ruffle and frill accessories are also available to accentuate your overall style. A great ruffle bag or sandal is sometimes all you need to complete your style.


  • Enhance your silhouette with a Ruffle skirt

Fashion trends: ruffles and frills 3

Ruffles are bold, hence they can serve as a contradiction to your figure. Ruffles can be used to emphasize parts of your figure you are proud of. A fit and flared ruffled skirt would do magic in accentuating your shape.


  • Get your sleeves “Ruffled”

Fashion trends: ruffles and frills 4

Ruffles can be used to accessorise the shoulders and hems of tops, but nothing beats a stylishly ruffled sleeve. Ruffled sleeves are one of the best uses for ruffles and can take your overall dressing from boring to fun and classy.


  • Ruffled Dresses

Fashion trends: ruffles and frills 5

Ruffled dresses scream power. You can feel yourself getting empowered with every step you take in them and they are very easy to rock. It is important, however, to be careful with how much ruffle stays on – too much of it would have your outfit pass for one that should be on the MET Ball red carpet!


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