Fashion insiders are finally paying more attention to the needs of the voluptuous woman, but there is still much left to be desired. Overall, the styling and wardrobe department can seem like a battle of extremes. Plus-sized women do not want to be relegated to wearing housecoats and flats all the time. They also don’t want to be poured into risqué clothing and makeup as work attire. Just like other fashionistas, curvy ladies want to know what looks best for their bodies and have amazing yet comfortable options to wear for every occasion life may bring. For big celebrations like ushering in another birthday, it can be an anxiety-inducing test of wills to simply find a stunning outfit that will accommodate the curves. Here’s how to help your curvy clientele also look their best in fun yet classy styles!

  1. Dresses are always a great option and can add an elegant element to your wardrobe with no pressure. For ladies who are conscious about their arms, elaborate sleeves are a clever way to distract the eye while staying in style. As I shared in “Curve Appeal”, trying to hide curves in stiff fabrics and boxed silhouettes only makes them more noticeable, but in a negative way. It is best to “go with the flow” and invest in fabrics that will be secure while glide along your shape. This helps give the impression of self-awareness (“I know what works best for me”) and confidence (“I am curvy, but I am more than curves; I like the body and life I thrive in.”).
  2. Sparkle and bling- A little sparkle never goes out of style. Embellished accessories can enhance a laid-back outfit or playfully support a gorgeously beaded dress. The key is in selecting jewels that bear a similar design to the outlines in the outfit. Dramatic jewels best accompany a dramatic outfit, and the same goes for romantic, elaborate designs. (Style tip: a highly-decorated dress needs little to no competition, so keep the jewels similar but to a minimum.)
  3. A hidden gem- A signature advantage to slaying any wardrobe is wearing your best colors. As I shared in “The Winning Wardrobe”, a lady who looks better in silver than gold can try outfits in cooler silver-based tones. Makeup neither must take a backseat in your wardrobe nor steal the show. Your best colors will simultaneously blend in with your coloring and enhance your natural beauty. In effect, you stand out- but in a positive way. If people notice your makeup before they notice you, they will have trouble seeing- or hearing- anything else. For women who want to be heard and respected, consider this deeply.

BY: StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

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