EM FASHION - Style Revival 1

With Resurrection Sunday quickly approaching, there may still be a few in need of style inspiration for one of the greatest days of the year. Let’s face it: during dinner and family event plans, outfit planning may take a backseat. But fret not: here are a few hints to help the entire family look their best!

1. If it Pleases The King: We would dress out best to meet earthly royals, so talk more of The King of Kings! Dressing up for service is not about showcasing for fellow parishioners, but a personal sign of care and gratitude for all things provided and promised. Go all out with a pristine dress and coat fit for a royal. Powdery hues add a youthful touch of elegance to formal ensembles.

EM FASHION - Style Revival 2

2. Not Wealthy? NO Problem: Dressing up is not about having the most expensive outfit: making the most of life’s good opportunities and what you have is the idea. Investing in classic pieces that look great every year is a great start, taking you beyond fleeting trends to more substantial, longer-lasting style.

EM FASHION - Style Revival 3

3. Jump for Joy: Even on weekdays, a touch of color can add zest to your life. For Resurrection Sunday, celebrate new life by donning fresh yet sophisticated colors. A berry-toned cardigan will keep you cozy and well-covered throughout service.

EM FASHION - Style Revival 4


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