EM FASHION - It’s All Chic to Me! 1

Most people (women in particular) spend so much of their lives following the latest trends, they never discover their own personal style. Every human has their own unique colouring, looks, and personality. These are often the things deemed worth “fixing” or hiding altogether. But with discovering what works best for you comes the freedom to use or skip trends at will, with no fear of missing out or not being your best self. Your true style is your best (visual) self. You will no longer place your self-worth on how well you can adapt to another’s view of “what works”. Purchasing what works for you simply because you like it- and it suits you- is liberating. Here’s how to leave the closet crisis behind for good.

1. Discovering your personal style is a fun journey most realize at an older age or miss out on completely. As you unearth your signature beauty, it will grant you the ability to evolve alongside it. Will the initial shift be drastic? For many, yes. But the freedom it can bring is well worth it. As we mature, our concerns, desires, and interests change, so our wardrobes should reflect progression.

EM FASHION - It’s All Chic to Me! 1

2. For all the essential reasons we wear clothing, it is also an important mode of communication. Young people often dress in pursuit of self-expression, ironically by way of following their peers. Adults visually communicate who they feel they are at each phase of life, whether they realize it or not. Mature people dress more for themselves, communicating their identity, status, or title. Try to make sure you are communicating the correct message for yourself.

EM FASHION - It’s All Chic to Me! 3

3. The freedom in dressing for yourself is powerful. For those who are willing to forgo “fitting in” for better things, it can be a major shift and advancement in their lives. This is where some ladies seem to mysteriously age with grace, never skipping a beat. The mystery is hidden in plain sight: she has grown to accept and appreciate her own looks. She also understands she is still beautiful, no matter what fleeting trend does not work for her. Everything is not for everyone…and that is a good thing.

EM FASHION - It’s All Chic to Me! 4

StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

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