Getting dressed and going to work on a daily basis can be draining. The thought of ironing pant trousers, straightening sleeved shirts and picking up shoes and bags to match on a daily basis can be too much stress. While there are indeed people that don’t mind it, there are some of us that not only dread the idea of picking clothes out but also don’t like the idea of dressing so uptight every day. If you work a job that requires you to be corporately dressed daily, here are office styles that are both easy to wear and don’t require so much effort to pull off.

  • Flare / A-Line dresses

Easy-To-Wear Corporate Office Styles 1

Flare dresses are convenient in every sense of the word. They are easy to wear, do not require too much effort to dry clean, do not always need to be ironed, and are very comfortable when worn. You can pair with either a flat shoe, a wedge, or heels as you want.


  • Palazzo pants + camisoles + Jackets

Easy-To-Wear Corporate Office Styles 2

Palazzo pants are very stylish and can go from day to night very easily. Pair pants with camisoles or sleeveless tops and comfortable shoes to look glam and relaxed. If you have to be very corporate, throw on a comfortable jacket


  • Jumpsuits

Easy-To-Wear Corporate Office Styles 3

Jumpsuits come in various styles, textures, patterns. They basically incorporate trousers and tops in one piece, and are worn as a fashion items or protective garments. Jumpsuits have also transcended to becoming more sophisticated. Hence, the level of care your jumpsuit requires depends on the style you opt for. They are, however, very easy to wear.


  • Chiffon and Flare/Pleated Skirts

Easy-To-Wear Corporate Office Styles 4

Pencil skirts can look very sexy, but having to pull it down after every few steps or having to uncomfortably cross your leg when you sit, is not fun. This is why flare or pleated skirts are an easy girl’s best friend. Pair your free skirt with a laid back chiffon top and you have both style and comfort in your stash.


  • Other options

Easy-To-Wear Corporate Office Styles 5

Wrap dresses, kimonos, shift dresses, shirt dresses, free blouses, stretchy trousers, and comfortable blazers are just some of the options you could work with to achieve both stylish and comfortable office looks. Your mornings would be much easier and you would take on the day with all the wit in the world.


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