If you haven’t heard about Auto Gele yet, then you are not a true Aso Ebi fan. Aso Ebi has played a primal role in what fashion is today in Nigeria and no matter how modernized we get as a people, key elements of it would remain. At best, it can only evolve. It is this same evolution that has provided an option for us that is much easier than spending hours trying to make our African headgear look good. Ladies can attest to the stress that comes with trying to tie Gele for a big event, and this is why Auto Gele is a wonderful innovation. Auto Gele does what our braids wig does for us. You simply put it on and adjust it to fit. Here are more reasons why the Auto Gele trend would stand the test of time:

  • It is convenient

Instead of sitting down for another 45 minutes to have the Gele dragged and folded directly on your head, you simply pick it up and tie at the back like a scarf. Its convenience is out of this world. It basically gives you extra time in your pre-event preparation.

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  • It is neat

Sometimes, especially when there is no professional involved, the product of your Gele is rough and untidy. This is another benefit of the Auto Gele. Since it has been done beforehand, it is already available in a perfect state.

Why The Auto Gele Trend Has Come To Stay 1

  • It lasts longer

After rocking your Auto Gele, you simply untie the single rope that holds it and keep it for future use. Hence, you can rock it over and again as many times as possible before completely changing the style.

Auto Gele

  • You have a myriad of options

There are times when we must settle for less complicated Gele styles because we cannot stand the thought of sitting for extra minutes for it to be done. With the Auto Gele, this is not a challenge. You now have the option of using whatever type of Gele you want no matter how complicated it is. Just pick up and wear.

It has certainly come here to stay.

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