Waist trainers and corsets were used from the 16th century and over the past few years waist trainers have made a huge comeback. Its purpose has always been to tighten the waist, core hips and back and give ladies the hourglass shape or at least create a façade of one. When worn over a period, waist trainers would eventually retain the shape that has been formed. While it has been a go-to item for ladies who want to reduce their stomach size or get rid of post-pregnancy fat in the same region, it has its own side effects – they are major and possibly life-threatening.

To thread carefully, here are some things you should know about waist trainers.

  1. They Could Shift Your Organs

When you wear waist trainers, certain organs of the body are compressed. Research has shown that this compression may displace the position of organs and cause intense pain. The same compression could cause heart burn, indigestion and acid reflux. If not corrected, it could lead to even more problems.


  1. Could Cause Skin Irritation

The fact that these trainers continuously press on one’s bare skin is also a disadvantage of its own. Not only does it come with a level of discomfort that we tend to ignore, it could lead to skin irritation. Itchy skin is one of the most common side effects experienced by those who use waist trainers. This could ultimately lead to skin infections.

 Waist Trainers

  1. It Affects Breathing

The tightness of the waist trainers often lead to cramps. Also, the pinching reduces the amount of oxygen you can take in. This could eventually cause one to experience breath shortage, get light headed and even faint. Wearing them for a longer time is said to reduce the fluid in the lungs which could cause fatal Pulmonary edema and Pneumonia. Both of which can be life threatening.

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  1. Could Cause Dehydration

Using waist trainers could cause you to sweat more and increase the body temperature. Try to stay fully hydrated while using waist trainers because your body needs an adequate amount of water to function properly.

  1. It May Be Addictive

It’s great to occasionally want to appear slimmer especially when you’re not ready to give in to ‘stress’ of working out or dieting. However, the fact that waist trainers give you the ‘perfect’ shape might make it difficult to give them up when it’s time to. Wearing them excessively could also cause you to think your actual shape or body is not good enough and that is never a good thing.

Waist Trainers

Interestingly, waist trainers never give permanent results and only cause temporal weight reduction. Once waist trainers are discontinued for a while, users automatically begin to go back to their previous weight level. The best way to rock them? Wear them for very short periods of time, avoid exercising while wearing one so it doesn’t alter your breathing pattern, don’t have them worn too tight, stay hydrated, and do not use as a substitute to weight loss or diet.

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