One of the most interesting and fulfilling things to do, is shop. And when it comes to shopping, nothing makes you happier than shopping for fashion items. The feeling of having new clothes, bags, shoes, and so much more, is heavenly! However, even though it’s safe to say we all want to buy new stuff, there’s no greater limitation than money! The cost of an item we want is enough for us to walk away from a store with our heads low. Luckily, there’s the cool idea of thrift shopping. Thrift items are either old or returned items and they are sold for incredibly low prices. In other words, with thrift shopping at the right places, you can get fashionable and quality items at knock off prices. If this idea allures you, then here are some places in Lagos you can obtain great thrift items from:

  • Katangua Market

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Katangua Market is situated at Agbado, Oke-Odo Local Council Development Authority of Lagos State. If you have heard of it before, then you know that thrift is all that happens there. From thrift clothes, shoes, bags, and even accessories; the market never disappoints. It has both the really cheap thrift items as well as the high end quality ones. However, compared to the original prices of these pieces, they have affordable fashion items.


  • Yaba Market

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Yaba Market is probably one of the oldest locations for thrift items. Yaba is a suburb located in Lagos Mainland. Previously known as Brazilian Quarters, Yaba Market has not become home to some of the best thrift fashion items. In this market, you can get first grade quality jeans, jackets, shoes, and bags from this market at affordable rates.


  • Eko market

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One of the biggest markets in Lagos, if not the biggest, Eko market is known as the hub for wholesale shopping. This is because their items are not just relatively affordable, but because there are a myriad of stores selling at wholesale prices. Hence, people can buy stuff to sell elsewhere. Also known as Balogun Market, this market has no particular address as it spans across many streets within the Marina metropolis. Here, you can buy things ranging from clothes to phones to just about anything. However, remember to be careful because the market can get rough.


  • Instagram

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Yes, you read that right. The same way regular fashion has made its way to social media, thrift shopping has as well. Follow thrift stores on IG and you would have the option of having them delivered to you with ease.



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