Not your regular outfit choice, the fedora hat is a statement piece.

Have you seen anyone wear a fedora hat and not look cool? I bet no, and one of my favourite qualities about the fedora hat is it is gender-neutral, so it could be worn by both males and females.

Fun Fact: The word fedora came about from a play that was first performed in the United States in 1889 by dramatist Victorien Sardou, Fédora, and written for Sarah Bernhardt.

Bernhardt played Princess Fédora, the heroine of the play. The hat was fashionable for women and the women’s rights movement adopted it as a symbol. Prince Edward of Britain started wearing them in 1924 which made it popular among men for its stylishness and its ability to protect the wearer’s head from the wind and weather.

So not only are you being stylish by rocking a fedora hat but, you are part of history.

Here are 5 Different Ways You Could Style A Fedora Hat

1. Business Casual

1 Outfit 5 Ways- Fedora Hats 1


I have to say, I see this look on men more and I think a lot more women should embrace it. Now how do you do that?

● Pair your fedora with a black jeans trouser and a white button-down shirt(a pop of
colour would be great)

● Take a step further by pairing your black fedora hat with palazzo trousers and a silky top.

2. Lunch With Friends

1 Outfit 5 Ways- Fedora Hats 2

A little something to make you stand out in your group selfie or picture.

● With some distressed jeans, of any colour or maybe a full-on denim outfit and a neutral/tan colour fedora, and you would be taking home the best-dressed award.

● Try pairing with a boyfriend jeans and your favourite shirt.

3. A Day At The Beach

1 Outfit 5 Ways- Fedora Hats 3


Let’s lay it back a bit.

● Pair a dark brown fedora hat with some warm-toned colours for the beach, it could be a

● A blue jeans bum short, a white round-neck shirt and any fedora hat colour of your

4. An Outdoor Wedding

1 Outfit 5 Ways- Fedora Hats 4

Wanting to switch up your style a bit? You could easily do so at the next wedding you’d be

● Pair with fitted traditional pants and top and you’re good to go

● Dark trousers, a white shirt unbuttoned shirt, tucked in and a brown hat

5. Street Fashion

1 Outfit 5 Ways- Fedora Hats 5

Whoever said we can’t have street style in Nigeria, obviously hasn’t been here.

Put on a fedora hat: Going to the grocery store? Fedora. Running a little errand? Fedora. Make elegance a part of your everyday lifestyle using the fedora hat and it easily becomes your fashion signature or a staple piece in your closet.

Plus Point: Ladies, you could use the fedora to cover your head on a bad hair day without even trying.

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