Is there such a thing as too much leather? I think not. The weekend is final here so it’s time to take some fashion risks. No more uptight suits and buttoned up shirts (although we love those too) unless you’re off to a wedding or getting married yourself which in that case, a ‘congratulations’ would be in order. Does anyone feel as strongly as I do about leather? It has become an essential in my wardrobe and I simply cannot get enough.

Perhaps its the badass feeling that leather gives me, I don’t know. Something about it makes me feels so edgy and confident enough to hop on a Harley Davidson and ride off into the sunset. It’s my ride-or-die item, always in season, always on trend, never too much.

Perhaps I took it a bit far when I decided to rock not only my leather jacket but leather pants too (go big or go home right?). If you’re feeling daring then by all means, go all the way but if you’ve still got your reservations about the head-toe leather look then adding touches of leather to your outfit can create an impact too. It’s all about what works for you.

I added a floral lace crop top to this look to add a feminine touch. Fashion is all about balance so even when I borrow items from the boys that are a bit too masculine for me I’ll always add something to represent the girls too. To top it all off I added a snakeskin clutch. The best way to really pull off a leather look is by pairing it up with different textures like; lace, fur, suede and velvet to name a few. Add a fabulous pair of heels are you’re good to go.

Have a fashionable weekend!







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