The weekend is over and for most of us 2015 is in full swing. Most of us are back at work, schools are beginning to open and the term ‘Happy New Year’ is beginning to fade away. It’s the third Monday of 2015 and I hope you’re still feeling motivated for the year ahead.

Don’t let the term ‘Blue Monday’ scare you off just yet, it’s not the kind you think. I’m not particularly sure why blue has such a negative connotation to it, it’s a color that symbolizes; peace, nature, cleanliness, serenity and strength. So in the spirit of this beautiful Monday, I opted for a little blue dress.

Navy has got to be my favorite hue of blue, perhaps because it resembles black which I have a not-so-secret obsession with. It’s easy to wear and usually goes really well with other colors in the blue family. I paired it with this chiffon scarf to add more character to the clean neckline and low back detail.

Cobalt blue has long been one of the colors to watch when it comes to trends. Like most trends, especially color trends, I never go out and change my whole wardrobe to fit a specific trend (remember color blocking) so I added touches of the color with my shoes and handbag to get in on the trend, without having to look like a smurf. It’s the perfect way to start the week.

This week I encourage you to have ‘blue’ days everyday! May your days be filled with peace and serenity, may you have the strength to get through all obstacles and whenever you’re feeling blue; take a deep breathe, look into the sky and realize that there are bigger things out there.

Happy Monday!


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