Rise and grind! I love Mondays, there’s something about it that just makes you feel like you can start all over, as if the previous week did not exist at all. Everything seems possible, it’s usually the day where you promise yourself that you’re going to make it to the gym at least three times this week or the start of that new diet that your girlfriend told you about last week Tuesday but you decided to wait for Monday to begin because who starts anything on a Tuesday right? That’s crazy.

I am a firm believer in power dressing and Monday seems like the perfect day to implement it. I wanted to create a look that was strong, from the sleek hair to the wide-leg pants and the bold lip. What I love most about black is the ability to play around with texture, whether it’s; lace, fur or leather, it all seems to work so well together. This black clutch with gold studs worked perfectly for this look and power dressing would not be complete without power posing.


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