TABOOfashionbydaisy250315MelodyArmstrong00303I know its very easy nowadays for people to say “Try something new” but sometimes just try to maintain and improve what you know. I remember getting a  ‘bustier‘ dress a while ago for a wedding event which i finally didn’t end up wearing.

A ‘Bustier’ dress which is a french word simply means a strapless dress but the English translated it as ‘ a dress to celebrate bust’


As a fairly conservative person, i don’t like to reveal too much skin, especially the upper part of my body. So, back to the dress. I thought trying something new which is a bustier dress then will be such a great idea but it wasn’t. I didn’t feel comfortable and free with myself. And just thinking of how i need to get my hands ready every minute to pull it up didn’t sound like an interesting task to carry out. However, Today i can proudly say i will rock a bustier dress anytime even though my first time trying it wasn’t very motivating but i got creative with it. 

  1. In this look, i decided to add a black crop-top on the famous bustier dress. To blend the top with the dress, i further more in adding this wide corset style belt…….Voila. very simple and fresh.

TABOOfashionbydaisy250315MelodyArmstrong00300 TABOOfashionbydaisy250315MelodyArmstrong00302


“Give yourself a chance to be creative and work with what you have”

Tips: For an office look, i tried wearing a shirt under the dress, seems practical.But, how about you giving it a go and tell me what you think.

Thank you for reading. Until Next week Tuesday.

X Bisous de FashionByDaisy X


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