IMG_6937Hair fashion in today’s world has really evolved significantly from what it was a few years back. Now, every woman want to look their best at all time to get the attention of people around them, to be the center of attraction simply put. In the light of this fierce competition for attention, what other ways are there to winning the battle other than to get a unique and ravishing appearance that will set every head turning in your direction when you walk through the door. To achieve this therefore, you need a unique hair extension to make that lasting impression on your friends, colleagues and loved ones. What you need is the new X-Pression Vogue Curl, or the New X-Pression Vivi Curl.

The new X-Pression Vogue Curl which is an 11 inches, 120g deep wavy weavon is most unique because of its tight and bouncing long lasting curl. Made of the latest “spring curl” technology curl type, the New X-Pression Vogue Curl has an unrivaled natural look and better quality than any other similar weavon in the market today. Styles achievable with the new X-Pression Vogue Curl include all kinds of short weavon styles, especially the partings and Afro hairstyles

On its own part, the New X-Pression Vivi Curl, a 16 inches 120g curly weavon that belongs to the Bohemian wave weavon style family is produced to give you an option of a longer length and loose wave style. The delicate wave and bounced curl style of the new X -Pression Vivi Curl is such that guarantee a ravishing feminine appearance to the wearer as it is suitable for all occasion and can fit all facial structure, be it oval, oblong, square or round facial structure.

Indeed, the X-Pression Vivi curl is one weavon that guarantees an instant attraction for its wearer. Its long lasting delicate waves and bounced curl style are so unique and ensures that you achieve that bouncy smooth bohemian appearance for your center parting, side parting and invincible parting hair styles.

Suitable for most popular hairstyles, the X-Pression Vivi Curl is also best for other forms of parting hairstyles, as well as many other fixing styles. Most importantly, the new X-Pression Vivi Curl offers you a wider opportunity to exploit your creativity by creating your own style considering the varied colors that are available in X-Pression Vivi Curl.

So, if your desire is for a vivacious and ravishing appearance, you need not look any further than the new X-Pression Vivi Curl and the Vogue Curl, these products guarantee to help you become the centre of attraction everywhere you go.

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