A Pedicure is designed to give the basic care for your toes. It is done to keep your toes healthy and clean. During the procedure, the nail technician massages the toes and takes good care of your skin and helps your feet relax.
You can get your pedicure done anywhere from one to four times a week. However, on average, once every two to three weeks for a manicure and once a month for a pedicure will result in your tips and toes looking groomed at all times.
Here are a few reasons why you should get a pedicure often

Keeping your feet clean and healthy

Over time dirt accumulates in your toes, making it a good breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, increasing your chances of contracting an infection. A pedicure cleans all the dirt to keep your toes risk free.

Pedicure helps Improves blood circulation

It counters the tension that builds up in your feet and calves. Foot massage also helps your feet by improving the blood circulation along with reducing pain and spreading the heat throughout the body evenly.

Prevents ingrown toenails:

Ingrown toenails or Onychogryphosis is a painful condition that might also get infected, if not treated properly. Having your toenails trimmed by a skilled nail technician reduces the chances of ingrown toenails.
Early detection of foot problems
Nail technicians are trained in understanding the abnormalities, if any, present in your foot. A pedicure can help them in understanding the problems in your feet like fungal infections, corns, and bunions. Early detection means less pain and easy treatment.
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