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1. Drink water.
2. Put your hair in a satin bonnet when you want to sleep.
3. Don’t allow your hair stylist pull your hair too tight.
4. Don’t stress your edges.
5. Deep condition your hair at least every 1 to 2 weeks.
6. Your protective styles should protect your hair and not damage it.
7. Minimize the use of heat on your hair.
8. Avoid natural hair products with ingredients that are not good for your natural hair such as sodium lauryl sulphate, alcohol, petrolatum, parabeans, mineral oil, etc.
9. Check products’ ingredients before buying the products.
10. Don’t keep a protective style for too long.
11. Let your hair breath.
12. Moisturize your hair e.g with water.
13. Don’t listen to lies about your hair.
14. Don’t use too much of edge control.
15. Use a wide tooth comb to comb your hair.
16. Don’t use hair accessories that will damage your hair.
17. Enjoy whatever stage you are on your natural hair journey.
18. Don’t be jealous of another woman’s hair.
19. Do protein treatments for your hair at least once in a month.
20. Avail yourself with enough information that are of benefit.
21. Don’t dry your hair with towel, instead use a t-shirt.
22. Cut down on the usage of hair dyes

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