People get piercings on various parts of the body, depending on preference, however before you jump under the gun of a piercing specialist, here are some things you should know before you get a body piercing.

Gather Information. Before you let anyone to pass a needle through your skin, it is important to carry out some research. Find out risks, visit a dermatologists to know your skin type (some piercings get absorbed or rejected by the skin), what type of rings to wear, clothes not to put on during healing period. You could also read reviews of other persons online and get some helpful tips.

A recommended and reputable piercing specialist. It is important to go to a referred or recommended piercing specialist. Piercings that are not properly done could lead to scarring, infections, and formation of cysts on the ear lobes.

Be health conscious, make sure the instrument used for piercing is sterilised first. Before you allow anyone poke you with a needle, make sure they sterilise properly. There are a lot of diseases out there which could be contacted due to carelessness or poor hygiene. Make sure your piercing specialist is sanitary conscious.

You might be allergic to certain metals. Many individuals are allergic to some types of metals, especially gold. If you find yourself reacting to some types of metals, you can go for a hypoallergenic ring which is made for those prone o metal allergies.

Be prepared for a scar. Scarring is not impossible especially in darker skin people. Purchase some essential oils like almond, coconut or olive oil and massage around piercing area few weeks after. Make sure to consult your specialist before doing this, find out what treatments would be best to avoid scarring.

You might want to get some pain killers. It is going to be painful and sore. The process is going to have a different feel when experienced. Some specialists recommend alcohol before piercing begins. Some persons have described their experience as agonising while others say it only lasted for a second, either ways, the pain is only temporary.

Ask questions on how to care for your piercing. Make sure to get information from your specialist. This should be general inquiry on the piercing you are about to get. What kind of needle? What is used to sterilise it? How do you care for your new piercing? Any food or substance to avoid and keep away from piercing area.

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