With summer officially here, there are a few tricks to keeping your make-up fleeky, and on point. Depending on your location, you could find the weather usually and mostly hot or humid, this would naturally cause sweating and discomfort. Below are a few tricks to slaying your face beat without having to worry about a liquid run.

Your base is very important

The condition of your skin before applying make-up is highly important. The skin should be properly catered to, washing, exfoliating, using of masks and scrubs should be incorporated too. Furthermore those with dry skin should moisturise properly before any form of product application.

Get a primer

A god primer is also a necessity. The primer helps the product stay in place, especially when you are going to have a long day. There are a number of good primers out there, depending on your skin type, do some research to find out which suits you best.

Wear light make-up

Keeping things light is a smart choice as your skin feels less heavy and engaged. This helps you feels more comfortable especially with the heat from the blazing sun or the rain and humid weather.

Avoid shimmery products

Stick to more to matte products, from eye-shadows to blush, bronzers or highlighters. Maintaining a matte finish helps to keep the skin feeling dry, less sweaty and the eye-shadows from moving. It is also important to invest in eye-shadow primers too.

Invest in a portable powder brush

Having a powder brush in your bag is a necessity during this season. You are most likely to experience excess oil release on the face, and you don’t want to go around looking like you just walked right out of a steam room. A portable brush and powder in your purse is a go-to activity for bathroom breaks.

Image source: Twitter @ Shantania Beckford


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