As at December 2017, the top beauty brands in cosmetics and make-up included Zaron cosmetics (Maxi blend compact powder, matte eyebrow stick and lengthening mascara.), Yanga beauty (Browlution pencil and lip glosses), Hegai and Esther, and Taos cosmetics.

These were the make-up brands that rocked the last months of 2017 in the beauty industry. With the world evolving and looking for safer and healthier methods, all natural and organic skin care and beauty is all talk in the beauty and skin care industry. Producers, beauty brands and the beauty market are looking for better healthier ways of enhancing beauty. Here is a compiled list of top beauty and skin care brands.

  1. Malee

Top 5 beauty/skincare brands within sub-Saharan Africa 1





Credit; Elle south Arica

Malee. Is a South African skin care brand that has been in existence since 2010. Malee is a luxurious African brand that makes use of natural ingredients such as shea butter, cacao seed butter and avocado oil. Their products also exclude allergens, parabens, silicon, mineral oils and animal products.

2. Africology

Top 5 beauty/skincare brands within sub-Saharan Africa 2


Is a South African skin care brand that produces eco-friendly products. It is one of the earliest African skin care brands, where products contain anti-aging properties inspired by ancient African healing methods.

3. Ajali

Top 5 beauty/skincare brands within sub-Saharan Africa 3

Credit; HTTPs://

A Nigerian hand-made skin care company, with mostly indigenous West African ingredients such as shea butter, virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and aloe-vera gel. Ajali products come with an amazing fragrance and quality packaging.

4. House of Tara

Top 5 beauty/skincare brands within sub-Saharan Africa 4


House of Tara is a Nigerian owned make up brand and studio that produces various beauty products, and beauty training courses.

House of Tara has cemented its position as Nigeria’s most recognized and fastest growing makeup school in the industry with the most up to date training methods. This beauty brand stands out as it prides itself with the industry success, unique education concepts and creative makeup courses.

There have been several testimonies from top beauty influencers and make up artistes especially in Nigeria of the brands prestige. The make-up courses are not only affordable, but they also contain detailed information on the mastering artistry of bridal make up.

5. Oriki

Top 5 beauty/skincare brands within sub-Saharan Africa 5


Oriki is a luxurious skin care brand, with natural ingredients. Their products utilize raw materials and all-natural products that can be found all over the world. Organic ingredients, potent plants and a hundred percent essential oil. Their products have an amazing fragrance and are affordable.

BY: Ifeanyichukwu Okpala









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