The new and innovative brand, launched late September 2013. Hybrd celebrates people of mixed heritage and people of all different types of cultures and nationalities. Hybrd is not just a brand, it’s an identity, it’s a voice, it’s an opportunity to celebrate the greatest part of life, being you! Hybrd have put together an amazing range of premium cosmetic products that take all the guess work out. Hybrd has developed a cosmetics line for a variety of hair textures and all skin tones to use. These products are specifically designed for the mixed race community. And it’s unique because everyone can use it. What makes Hybrd different is we are also offering customers the chance to start their own business becoming a full or part time Hybrd distributor.

Introducing Hybrd – New UK Based Beauty Brand For Mixed Race/Mixed Heritage Skin & Hair! 1Introducing Hybrd – New UK Based Beauty Brand For Mixed Race/Mixed Heritage Skin & Hair! 2

“We at Hybrd are so proud to be representing a brand, which offers great products. Hybrd believe in providing opportunities, to those who enjoy our products and want to earn an additional income as well. “- MD of Hybrd, Kyla Cadorin

Introducing Hybrd – New UK Based Beauty Brand For Mixed Race/Mixed Heritage Skin & Hair! 3

Hybrd is delighted to present a fantastic cosmetics line, which features premium products at affordable prices. Our Hybrd Rice Skincare Line tailored to the needs of your skin whether it’s normal, combination, dry or sensitive. This range can help to even skin tone, lighten blemishes and reduce the appearance of age spots and give you a radiant look! Hybrd have products that nourish and style all different types of hair and skin. Whether it’s straight, curly or treated hair. Hybrd have introduced a natural vegan mascara which is water resistant and provides great coverage. Hybrd specialise in over 50 different shades of mineral make up from porcelain, tan to Ebony shades with an array of shades that match different skin tones. Hybrd products are made with natural ingredients and essential oils that are designed to leave your skin and hair moisturised, hydrated, clean and clear. Look out for Hybrd’s Beauty Channel Hybrd’s four attractive elements in Hair, Beauty, Skin and Business, sets the benchmark of a new wave of products taking over the hair and beauty industry.

· For More information about Hybrd please visit
· Hybrd seeks to be a company designed to celebrate people of mixed race diversity. Creating innovative products which provides sustainable benefits both to the mixed race, dual heritage community.
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