Forget everything you thought you knew about beauty tutorials – including every last bit of ring-lighted perfection and immaculately applied make-up – because Marc Jacobs just turned the world of beauty vlogs on its head with a new IGTV “Too-Torial”.

Inspired by the late Diana Vreeland and her penchant for asking “why not?”, Jacobs explained the idea behind his beauty tutorials – no sponsors, no real direction per se, just Marc and his beauty products smooshed all over his eyes. “Why not paint your face? Why not get dressed? Why not parade around in your underwear, why not dance naked, why not enjoy this time that I have and why not be me and be unafraid to be me and be unashamed and excited about being me?” he asked, in the video which, he admitted, he had filmed with his phone propped up on a cereal box.

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Marc Jacobs Beauty Tutorials Are A Thing Of Imperfections

Jacobs has never shied away from embracing imperfections and the sometimes messy nature of creativity, however. Take his previous posts about his comically bad at-home pedicure, finished with #itried. “As you can see I’m not a manicurist or a great nail artist,” he says in the vlog. “But I believe in just doing it. Like Nike said, ‘Just do it.’ Perfection is an ideal.”

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The real joy comes in his beauty tutorials comes when Jacobs applies his eyeshadow, not with the usual roster of make-up artist-approved brushes, but with his fingers (one of which, he explains, got into an altercation with his late dog, Alfred’s, collar, never to be the same again) and one of the Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic eyeshadow palettes. What follows is more of an artistic experiment than a tutorial, as Jacobs mushes a variety of gold hues onto his eyelids: “I’m just going to do that, which is kind of a mess, but that’s what I like,” he says. When it comes to eyeliner, meanwhile, he uses a black kohl in the waterline and “blacken[s] the shit out of it”.

And while the whole scenario was totally unorthodox for the average beauty tutorial, it worked rather well, injecting a sense of joy into the usual method of applying make-up. And who needs to be stereotypically “good” at make-up to enjoy it anyway?

Original Post First Appeared on VOGUE

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