Do you know that there are so many benefits of coconut oil for hair and skin? Here are some of the benefits:
For hair
1. Helps to grow hair
2. It is a good conditioner for your hair
3. It helps to clear dandruff
4. Helps to protect the hair from heat
5. Help prevent hair damage
6. Can be used to style your hair
7. Helps to keep your hair moisturized
8. It helps to detangle your hair
9. You can use it to oil your scalp to reduce dry scalp

Learn How To Use Coconut Oil To Fight Hair Loss

For skin
1. You can moisturize your hands or body with it
2. You can shave your hair of your skin with it
3. You can put it on skin burns
4. You can use it to remove your make up by gently rubbing it on your face and wiping it with a soft cloth, and finally rinsing your face afterwards.
5. It can be used as a lip balm
6. You can use it as a body oil
7. It can help to reduce skin problems like eczema
8. It can help reduce stretch marks

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