EM FASHION - Role Model: Lauren Williams 1

“That kid should definitely pursue modeling!” – Braden Dior, professional photographer

It is easy to see why sixteen-year-old Lauren Williams (model name: Lulu) is the envy of so many of her peers: simply put, guys want to date her, girls want to be her, and hails from a big family full of love, kindness, and support.

In a world of selfies and negative influences, the humble and classy young lady instead focuses on important things, like using her stylish versatility to help others worldwide realize their own beauty and potential. The bubbly musical prodigy is not only gorgeous, but highly intelligent- and now ready to take on modeling (and receiving kudos from celebs like Tyra Banks)! Read on for more details on the newest face in the fashion world.

EM: Thank you for granting this interview! Please tell new fans worldwide a bit more about yourself.

Lulu: Hey! I love to draw, play the piano, and write. My inspirations are Beyonce, Rihanna, and Tyra Banks.

EM: One glance at your Instagram (@lauren.williams02) shows how stylish you are! Who are some of your favorite designers?

Lulu: I’m not into name brands. I just look for [pieces], and when I think it’s cute, I get it!

EM: You have certainly shown the world how to stand strong and continue to smile and slay despite all odds. How do you feel about being a positive example to people around the world?

Lulu: I feel like so many girls look up to me now, so I always have to be the best person I can. It’s scary at times, but amazing.

EM: Good looks and kindness seems to run in your family! How has your relationship with your mother and family helped you successfully navigate teen life and remain humble?

Lulu: We are a big family of eight and all grew up super-close in the house together, so everyone was always there for you. Blood is a bond that can’t be broken, so they showed me no matter what, if you love someone, you should stick by them and never hurt them. My family showed me what love is so I can show others.

EM: Wow, that is so beautiful! Besides model looks, you also have musical talent! Please share how your love for the piano began.

Lulu: I actually don’t know. The piano has always been one of the most amazing (sounding) instruments, so I began playing and fell in love!

EM: Beautiful, intelligent, and stylish: a triple threat, indeed! What other cool talents do you have?

Lulu: I love love love to bake and cook. I love writing poetry and songs, and I am an amazing listener. I love listening to people’s problems and helping!

EM: Modeling is fun and exciting! What do you look forward to the most as a new model?

Lulu: The places I get to travel [to]. It’s my dream, so it’s so exciting!

EM: Moving forward, how would you like to encourage those who are overcoming adversity?

Lulu: I want to show them it’s okay to have a past and not to be perfect because truly being yourself is the best thing you can be.

EM FASHION - Role Model: Lauren Williams 2

EM FASHION - Role Model: Lauren Williams 3

EM FASHION - Role Model: Lauren Williams 4

Get social! Lulu’s beautiful journey into greatness is unveiled at Instagram: @lauren.williams02 | Business and modeling inquiries: iamshamefree@gmail.com #lovetolulu


Makeup artistry: Beauty By Shaniece: IG: @beautybyshaniece | www.beautybyshaniece.com Photography: Go Bonanza ! IG: @gobonanzabooth – Braden Dior | www.gobonanzabooth.com

BY: StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

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