Creative director and head makeup artist Millie Mamza knows the power of beauty and works to satisfy loyal clientele from many walks of life. The popular artist has a gift that transcends trend and will share this gift very soon with both aspiring and experienced makeup mavens. Read on for more about the visionary behind Dazeita Beauty.

EM: Thank you for granting this interview! Please tell our readers more about Dazeita Beauty Studio.

Dazeita: Dazeita is a Nigerian beauty brand that provides professional makeup services to women of all ages [and] skin tones, ranging from high profile personalities to the everyday woman. We are known for our exceptional professionalism, reliability, and quality customer service.

EM: How did your passion for makeup begin?

Dazeita: I have always been a gifted visual artist. I remember back in high school, I always did exceptionally well with my art assignments: my paintings and drawings were outstanding as I could visualize an object and represent it really well on paper/canvas, so it was only natural for me to be interested in makeup from quite an early stage in my life since it’s also art, but this time the canvas is a human face. Seven years ago, I took a step further to become professionally trained (as I had been self-taught for quite some time) and from then on, I couldn’t turn my back on my obsession with makeup artistry. (Fulani Beauty: Model: @fdeelahima Photography: @mofebamuyiwa)

StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

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