Through regular YouTube fun-time and complaints from friends, beauty bloggers and influencers, it has come to my notice the difficulty in gaining access to original, high earned quality beauty products. The popular tradition for access to these products, sometimes involves a second or third party who is coming into the country, or about to travel. This involves the person assisting you to purchase the products when they travel outside the country. While other methods involve undelightful shipping experiences.

Unfortunately, some of these make up brands do not ship to majority of African countries. Some beauty brands fail to understand the market they have in Africa. Somehow, mainstream media has portrayed Africa as poverty stricken, and probably fear that the African market will not be able to afford the products.

The truth in fact is the total opposite. Africa holds a large number of entrepreneurs, business men and women. When there’s a new product (foundation), with a wide range of colours (especially for darker women) is released, African countries should be on the top list countries available for shipping. Some companies fail to recognise the fact that Africa is the actual ‘melanin hub’ and should be included as part of the countries available for shipping.

Once again, I have compiled a list of products I use, which are not so pricy, and can be found in most departmental stores, malls, online shops and branded stores.

  1. Hush beautyng 35 colour Intensive eye shadow pallet (N7,000)
  2. Hush beautyng glow palette(N3,000-N4000)
  3. Sivanna colours face pallete (Unsure of the price)
  4. A girl blush collection
  5. Milani make it last setting spray
  6. Maybelline super stay foundation (N4,000)
  7. Zaron luxurious lip gloss
  8. A. girl pro. Coverage foundation (N4,000-N5,000)
  9. A girl pro concealer (N1,500-N2,000)
  10. Maybelline colossal Kajal
  11. Oriflame water proof mascara
  12. Jordana Eye primer, eye shadow base
  13. Nuban beauty blender (N2,000)
  14. Classic six shades compact pallete (N6,000)
  15. Colour fix bronze pallete
  16. Zaron face definer
  17. Zaron defining brow powder

It is important to note that the prices of some of these products may differ, as I have owned them for a while now. Some products are your regular drugstore products, while the high earned ones, can be acquired either through the usual ‘tradition’, your next trip outside the country or other methods that suits you best.

BY: Ifeanyichukwu Okpala






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