11th January 2018
Still Got It 3

EM FASHION – Still Got It


One of the best aspects of image consulting is working with those who need a fresh look after a breakup or divorce. It is a challenging yet precious time to learn more about yourself and discover new skills and a life never imagined. Few things ...

5th December 2017

"IMAGE" collection imbibe women of great personality, people of influence creating great marks and still care about their wellbeing. They have unique charisma and fashion sense. More outfits to anticipate❤ Photo: @christal_wears

3rd November 2017

This is one issue that causes a lot of controversies in relationships and marriages. You hear some men say they cannot tolerate a woman who earns more than they do. If you ask further, some will say, the woman will become arrogant and she wouldn't ...

30th October 2017

Vote your nominees!!! Keep your votes coming in, people.... To vote: text ELOY + nominee name to 35070 or vote online- www.eloyawards.com Photo: @eloyawards

25th October 2017

#TimelessAlbum: Omawumi


The #TimelessWoman has just released the #TimelessAlbum. You'd love every bit of this album. Don't let me rant too much. Lol. Photo: @omawonder

19th October 2017

Woman Crush Thursday!


Woman Crush Thursday! Yea...you heard right..lol I am breaking the norm. For me, it's a Woman Crush Thursday thing. She is one fine actress that bursts my brain with her acting skill and the rate at which she glows these days....let the pictures speak. Toyin ...

16th October 2017

Pénkéle' is a Yoruba word meaning Petite (a woman who has a small and trim figure). However, in fashion, Petite is a category of clothing sized for women of less than average height and with average or diminutive figures. Designer: Desirèe Iyama

25th September 2017

1. The average person walks up to about 160 000 kilometres, in their lifetime, enough to walk around the earth 4 times. That works out to around 6 and a half kilometres a day. 2. Every step we make can exert a pressure on your ...

22nd September 2017

BEAUTY FRIDAY- Albino Beauty


We (Women) all love to look good. Brows properly trimmed and carved, makeup on fleek! The Albinos aren't left out of this game either. They are a very beautiful set of people and their eyes.....breathtaking! *gasping for breath* <br /> <br />       ...

3rd August 2017

Media personality, Latasha Ngwube, shared some inspiring words on her Instagram page this morning, while sharing some behind the scenes photos from the filming of her “Hot Topics” show. The plus-size beauty shared these photos on her Instagram page with inspirational caption: A wise person ...

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