4th December 2017

Mindset shift with tewa


It's time to celebrate ans be filled with joy believing the fact that you will finish 2017 string and begin 2018 even stronger. Stop worrying and overthinking your past decisions, bills, etc, thats wasting valuable time on things that don't uplift you and the clock ...

20th November 2017

This week, how about just finding the good in every situation and only think of the best case scenario in every thing. It's all in the mind. Feed your faith. Don't fall for the distractions, keep your eye on the ball. We are all born ...

13th November 2017

Mindset shift with Tewa


You have to start to be great. If you don't Start, how would you know anything. Kick procastination out of the door, stop giving yourself or listening to fear induced excuses. Just start. It's never too late to just start. #faitheverythingandrise With every new day ...

6th November 2017

Mindset shift with Tewa


You have to make the decision to only expect great things. Has being a pessimist worked in any way? Don't lower your expectations because of fear or what people will think of you. Make your expectations higher and if it doesn't work out that way, ...

30th October 2017

Visualising is also an act needed to fulfil your full potential. I do this by lighting a candle, inhaling the exquisitely beautiful smell and imagining the best case scenario I want for anything I'm working on. If you can't see yourself achieving what you set ...

23rd October 2017

Say it to yourself. Loudly if you want and can, so your mind knows you mean business. I create successful habits daily I put in the required action to achieve my goals. Start as you mean to go on. It's another week to have a ...

16th October 2017

I have the ability to Create. Whether we know it or not, whether you believe it or not, we all have the in born ability to create, because we are born of God, who is the master creator. We create with our thoughts, which leads ...

9th October 2017

No one can be you, that's your SUPER POWER. No one can be me, that's MY SUPER POWER. We are all born with unique qualities that only each person possesses. No one can execute your dream/vision better than you. Yes it can be copied but ...

2nd October 2017

Mindset Shift with Tewa


Welcome to day 2 of my Outstanding Outcome October. Yes, it is the last quarter of 2017, regardless of that, you and I can and will still finish 2017 strong by the grace of God. So don't look at some of your goals or plan ...

25th September 2017

Mindset Shift with Tewa


Think it, Say it, visualise it, Declare it, work at it and takeover! It's another great Monday to have a great day. Last week of September exquiste people, end it with a bang and a half. Cheers to our successes. Xo Tewa

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