30th December 2017

Mindset shift with Tewa


Why wait till the new year? Why wait to write a New year resolution? Why wait, when you can take hold of now and start to restyle your mind to the version of you that you desire to be. Why wait???? Who says a new ...

18th December 2017

Mindset shift with tewa


Say it like you mean it. I have asked by praying about it and I believe. I am prepared and ready to receive it. You have left it at Jesus' feet, put your mind at rest, do what is required by you and be prepared ...

9th December 2017
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EMStyle: Curve Appeal


Fashionistas come in all shapes and sizes; it is all about knowing what works for your shape! Find out how to rock those curves on a daily basis! 1. Weekday lady- Voluptuous figures can slay in daily attire just like weekend or date night ensembles. ...

31st July 2017

Welcome to Miraculously Magnificent Monday. Today is a miraculous monday to have a great day. ____ You are alive today and reading this for a reason. God is not done with you yet. Arise and shine and take today on like the Queen / King ...

10th July 2017

The thing about the mind is, it believes whatever you tell it to believe. Therefore, it is extremely important that you train your mind to only see the positives in everything and tame it from running wild with negative imaginations or thoughts that are not ...

26th June 2017

Arise and shine, its time to show the real you. The happy you, the unstoppable you, the goals achieving you, the child of the most high, God's highest form of creation, the best person for your own vision, the unique you. Its time to stop ...