22nd January 2018

Simi just has her own unique way with faahion. Her simplicity when it comes to her selection of outfit, her hairdo and even her makeup, is next to nothing. No one else does it better. That's her niche, I guess. Photo - @dikophotograpy Dress - ...

19th January 2018



Stunning pictures of a mother and her pretty little angel.... Photo credit: eleanorgood - eyphotography By Karah Adu

27th December 2017

FulaniFashion Blazer


Away from the African(Nigerian) belief or should I call it superstition?, I love black! It just goes with whatever colour of accessory you want to compliment it with. Check out this black blazer from #FulaniFashion Photo: @keha_photo Make up: NicoleStuparek Styling: @guy_debast Model: @lisamariegro Source: ...

25th December 2017

Merry Christmas from Chioma


Merry Christmas to You and Yours! Photo : @roister_ng Mua : @lighton.avi.makeovers Hair : @olashairdo Outfit : @kamsiiecouture Source: @chiomaakpotha

23rd December 2017

Styled by - @gloryuduma Make Up - @arabylaide Photography: @kelechiamadiobi Photo source: @symplysimi

22nd December 2017

The celebrity photographer sure knows how to take good shots. There's something about his picture qualities that I cannot explain.. Analysing from the way the models pose and then his click! Is just do divine... I love these vintage shots of singer, Seyi Shay, captured ...

15th November 2017

Styled by David Tlale


Styled by: @davidtlale Photo: @rezebonna Makeup: @preciousxabamakeup Photo source: @miss_vimbai

13th November 2017

"And virtue called out! 30+3 years ago, the voice of a tiny little you was heard, yes, you were born into a world that seeks your gender at your arrival! We are sure they asked! "Is the child a boy?" but we are glad you're ...

3rd November 2017

This is one issue that causes a lot of controversies in relationships and marriages. You hear some men say they cannot tolerate a woman who earns more than they do. If you ask further, some will say, the woman will become arrogant and she wouldn't ...

20th October 2017

The mother/father and child twinning style is fast becoming a norm. Do you love some "mini-me" time? Tjen check out these lovely photos for inspiration. Lol. Photo: @tontolet/ @iamzeaty/www.dailymail.com

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