8th February 2018

The friendship and bond between mother and daughter is special, This even gets more defined when they share the same sense of style, taste, swag, lifestyle and sync with each other. This pattern in our day to day life with the closest people in our ...

19th January 2018



Stunning pictures of a mother and her pretty little angel.... Photo credit: eleanorgood - eyphotography By Karah Adu

18th January 2018

Between mother(Toyin Lawani) and son(Tenor), who slayed the "General" look Better? Outfits Designed by: @elegantebytiannah Photo: @tiannahsplacempire

30th December 2017

Family is Priceless


It is the season of giving. Give your love, time, smile, laughter, care and every good thing to those around you. Of course, do not forget your family because family is everythibg. Family is priceless. Photo: @kwabscouture

29th December 2017

Photo: people.com

26th December 2017

Happy birthday to Tin-Tin


Hahahahaha!!! She's such a trouble maker in the movie, WeddingParty. But hey, have you seen her in person? I reserve my comment. Wait till you see her in person... Happy beautiful birthday to the ever ready Tin-Tin, who's originally known as Sola Sobowale. A veteran ...

25th December 2017

Pepper dem gang


Like husband like wife...her husband is bad and she's "badder". Lol. Is there any word like that? Nah...but I'll just use it, to tell you how hot she is. Wondering who I'm talking about? Wait till I show you her pictures.. Ta-dah!!!! It's Cynthia Obi-Uchendu(Ebuka's ...

22nd December 2017

How cute can your singing be?


Hahahahaha!!! Just for laughs though. Toolz performs something light for her fans, a cover of Davido's #30Billion. She calls hers #50Billion. Check it out. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bc-uiTkDZhO/ Link/photo: @toolzo

16th December 2017

Who says you can't break the norm? If Serena Williams did, then you can. Serena actually walked down the aisle in sneakers...can you imagine?! Those sneakers were specially designed by Meraki Mishell. It took her 24hours to design them. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bbwwckoh7lM/ Photo/Link: @serenawilliams

30th November 2017

In this part of the world, it's usually called "ankó". It kind of shows the bond between a family. I love it when family members wear matching outfit. Now, that's some slaying goals there... Photo: @wedding_fashion_hairstyles