13th November 2017

"And virtue called out! 30+3 years ago, the voice of a tiny little you was heard, yes, you were born into a world that seeks your gender at your arrival! We are sure they asked! "Is the child a boy?" but we are glad you're ...

30th October 2017

Vote your nominees!!! Keep your votes coming in, people.... To vote: text ELOY + nominee name to 35070 or vote online- www.eloyawards.com Photo: @eloyawards

11th October 2017

EM Entrepreneur of the week


Virtually everyone is turning out to be an entrepreneur now, but there are outstanding ones who know the trade "like the back of their palms". If you know that Yoruba adage, then you can relate. She is a Nigerian business magnate, author and motivational speaker. ...

10th October 2017

When you cannot give back to the society, what then is the essence of your wealth? Even at that, you do not need to have the world, to give back to the society. All you need is a kind heart. The first lady of the ...

9th October 2017

IK Talks- change of date


Good news people!!!! The Ik Talks has been moved to 11th of November, 2017. It's no longer 25th... Yea, I caught you smiling.. Photo source: @ikosakioduwa

5th October 2017

The IK TALKS is here again!


Get ready to learn and mingle at the November edition of the "Ik Talks". It's time for another edition of The Ik Talks. If you are interested in working on TV, Radio, Stage or Events, or maybe already work in one for these fields and ...

2nd October 2017

A huge congrats to actor and Mr Nigeria, Emmanuel Ikubese,on his new appointment as the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals(UNMDG) Ambassador. "As a student of International Relations, I studied a great deal about the United Nations and the MDGs. I am extremely honoured and humbled ...

30th September 2017

See photos from Veteran Actress, Joke Silver's 55th birthday party. Photo credit: @ajokesilver/Nairaland forum