15th February 2018

After sending a jolt through the Vlisco fashion fund competition last year with his breathtaking design that had him winning, fashion illustrator and designer Skentele by Etti has dropped its first fashion offering, a pret-a-porter collection titled Wardrobe Perfect. Modeled by Big Brother Nigeria runner ...

18th January 2018

Ladies in Black


Adrienne Eliza Houghton and her friends looking all shades of pretty in their black dresses. Photo: @adriennebailon

11th January 2018

So the good news is... You don't have to sacrifice style just because you want to rock a coat. The stars of the street style scene knows the greatest gift to fashion is a serious statement coat. Whether you opt for a bright colour, a ...

27th November 2017

Wearing @fablanebyderin Makeup @thebeautybarnng Hair @ucheagbara Photography @midegramm Photo source: @inidimaokojie

14th November 2017

I should get in touch with him ASAP! I need at least, a pair of these shoes. Lol. Omg!!! These shoes are heavenly! Photo: @laquan_smith

6th November 2017
EM face shapes



Ladies, makeup is creative and fun, but there are key parts that make the difference between “slay” and “nay”. Here are some major makeup hacks to help perfect your look! Highlighting is supposed to showcase angles already found in the face in a shimmering, light-catching ...

1st November 2017

All ye AnkaraGang think you're the only ones that know how to turn up, right? Wait to you see the LaceGang and then you know what I'm talking about. Photo: Instagram(#laceasoebi)/Kamdora

18th October 2017



1.The new balenciaga crocs to run between $500 and $1500, are you rocking this or trashing it? 2.i think see-through materials are toping the trend list lately, so ladies!!! what do you think....wear or trash? 3. I'm not sure i know what to call this, ...

18th August 2017

When I started my weightloss… I struggled for 2 years, practising trial and error, learning and unlearning… I finally figured it out, most of it (lol). And I’ll love to share 3 things you need to know to jump start your fitness journey, so you ...