12th January 2018

You learn anything in life by doing!!!!! Action! Action!! Action!!! What are you doing now for a better tomorrow, that will serve your higher purpose? Yes you need to think about it, then write it down, make it plain, talk about it (to yourself or ...

11th January 2018

Say it like you mean it!!! I am the best at being Me. That's my unique advantage. I sometimes even say it as, that's MY super power, being the best me. Knowing who I am, understsnding who I am and knowing what I need to ...

29th December 2017

Mindset shift with tewa


Say it like you mean it. I am loving, honouring and embracing myself in my every thought, word and action. I say self love is true love. No one can love YOU like YOU. You have to get into that state of loving your self ...

28th December 2017

Mindset shift with Tewa


Say it like you mean it! I am too faithful to fear. I will faith everything and Rise!!! #faitheverythingandrise that's the meaning of fear to me. The mind has a way of trying to bully you into thinking you are not where you should be ...