17th January 2018
Decency Ladies

Beauty in Decency


The Teen’s Church of RCCG City of David Parish is keeping it chic- with decency! The annual Genesis Fashion Show focuses on showing youth and fashion fans alike that you do not have to degrade yourself to look good and be seen. Just being your ...

12th January 2018

In the wake of the increased rate of human trafficking being experienced by Nigerians trying to migrate to Europe via Libya, Actress and Producer Stephanie Linus has recently arrived in Italy to give support to rescued people and raise her voice against such human rights ...

18th December 2017

Who says you can't be a business man, with all the busy schedule and still have an interesting life and a great sense of fashion? Isn't man hot? Tony Elumelu is a very good example. Always looking hot, fresh and clean, even in his suit... ...

9th November 2017

Eloy Awards presents to you....Stephanie, Ololade, Bukky, Linda, Oteniara, Opeoluwa and Osayemi... Who gets the award...? Who wears the crown....? Let your votes count...

6th November 2017
EM face shapes



Ladies, makeup is creative and fun, but there are key parts that make the difference between “slay” and “nay”. Here are some major makeup hacks to help perfect your look! Highlighting is supposed to showcase angles already found in the face in a shimmering, light-catching ...

4th November 2017

You want to learn some makeup tricks? Not too worry...Bellabeauty brings you a D-I-Y makeup masterclass. What are you waiting for again? Lol. Photo: @bellabeautyng

23rd October 2017

Does that name ring a bell? Of course, it should! If you are a "brow" lover, then "Anita Brows" should be a familiar name. I fondly describe it as "the brows that are called Anita..." Funny, right? Adetola Anita Adetoye, popularly known as the "Makeup ...

28th September 2017

The HOW Foundation’s first 'Blue-State' Charity Match for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month took place on Saturday, September 23, 2017; The HOW Foundation hosted 4 teams and their supporters at the Road 14 Football Pitch, Lekki, Lagos. The event kicked off at 4pm with a welcome ...

22nd September 2017

BEAUTY FRIDAY- Albino Beauty


We (Women) all love to look good. Brows properly trimmed and carved, makeup on fleek! The Albinos aren't left out of this game either. They are a very beautiful set of people and their eyes.....breathtaking! *gasping for breath* <br /> <br />       ...